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Photographs presented at the exhibition Srebrenica were made in 1999 and 2000 by forensic photographer Tim Loveless on the locations of mass graves in Srebrenica. His photographs, significant as evidences of committed crimes and as documents in the process of searching for justice, are going beyond their first purpose and are becoming triggers that are allowing us to reconstruct monstrosity of the crimes and individuality of the victims. 

Interactive narrative “Srebrenica: Genocide in eight acts” is also part of the exhibiton. This narrative is a window onto living historical archive. The materials have been used during trials at International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The narrative is divided into eight segments, or acts: Investigation, Exhumations, Survivors, Guilty Pleas, Unwilling Witnesses, Powerless Eye-witnesses, Lasting Consequences and Judicial Epilogue. Each segment contains a selection of court exhibits, including more than 200 key documents, video recordings and Photographs. Interactive narrative “Srebrenica: Genocide in eight acts” was made by Mirko Klarin.

Exhibition will stay opened until 30th of August 2016.