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Call for applications

“How can arts and culture contribute to dealing with difficult pasts and to reconciliation in Europe?”
Seminar cycle Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia – France – Germany
in the framework of the South Eastern Europe Initiative of the Franco-German Youth Office and of Memory Lab – Transeuropean Exchange Platform on History and Remembrance

Call for applications

Aims, topics and methods of the seminar cycle 

We want to reflect about the different links between arts/culture and difficult pasts (wars, mass violence, dictatorships…) and explore how this topic can be addressed in Museum/Memorials and in the educational field. We learn about difficult pasts and the connections with arts/culture related to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France and Germany. The project will bring together teachers/educators, museums/memorial professionals and artists in order to learn from each other, to work together on common outputs during the seminar cycle, and to provide incentives for the participants to implement new approaches in their daily work.

Some of the topics/questions which will be tackled:

What role did/do arts and culture play during wars and periods of violence?
– After wars and periods of mass violence, what has been/ is the role of artistic and cultural means in dealing with these traumatic experiences?
– How and for which purpose are arts and culture used in memory sites (Memorials, History Museums,…)?
– How and for which purpose are arts and culture used in educational work about difficult pasts with young people?

The first seminar will be held in Dachau, Germany from 30/09/2018 until 06/10/2018. In each of the seminar phases different aspects of the general topic will be tackled, and also connected with the exploration of the towns and memory sites where the seminars will take place (Memorial of the Dachau Concentration Camp, Jasenovac Memorial, Memorial of Rivesaltes, History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina).  Among approaches used during the seminars: Visits of memory sites, meetings with experts and local artists, exercises and workshops among the participants, presentations… The participants will also discuss and decide together about an artistic output they will prepare in the framework of the seminar cycle and present during the last seminar.

Max-Mannheimer-Study-Center Dachau, Germany; Mémorial du Camp de Rivesaltes, France; History Museum Bosnia and Herzegovina; Jasenovac Memorial Site, Croatia; Croatian History Teachers Association.

 First seminar in Fall 2018 in Dachau /Germany : 30 September (arrival day) – 6 October (departure day) 2018
 Second seminar in Spring 2019 in France
 Third seminar in Fall 2019 Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

Target group:

Museum and Memorial professionals, educators (teachers, NGO representatives/activists), and artists, living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany. Five participants from each of the four involved countries, 20 participants all together. The participants should take part in the three phases of the seminar cycle. A good knowledge of the English language is requested. The organizers will cover the costs for the program, the accommodation (in two-bedrooms), the meals and the transfers during the seminars, while the travel costs to the seminar places will be reimbursed up to a certain amount after each seminar on the basis of the guidelines of the Franco-German Youth Office (max. 0,24 € per km from the town of departure to the seminar place, see: https://www.dfjw.org/ressourcen/fahrtkostenberechnung-fur-die-forderakten-imdfjw.html )

The participation fee for persons from France and Germany is 90 € per seminar, and for persons from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia 40 € per seminar.

Organization team/contact:

Magdalena Geier, Max-Mannheimer-Study-Center Dachau, Germany : geier@mmsz-dachau.de
Elodie Montes, Memorial de Rivesaltes, France: elodie.montes@memorialcamprivesaltes.fr
Elma Hasimbegovic, History Museum Bosnia and Herzegovina: hasimbegovice@gmail.com
Ivo Pejakovic, Jasenovac Memorial Site, Croatia: ipejakovic@jusp-jasenovac.hr
Dea Maric Croatian History Teachers Association: dea.maric@gmail.com

The project is funded in the framework of the South Eastern Europe initiative of
the Franco-German Youth Office. For more information, please contact one of the members of the organization team. The application form should be sent back until 29th June 2018 at the latest.