History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina opened a tactile area, and with this was able to make the cultural and historical heritage of the museum’s collections more accessible to people with disabilities. Using original exhibits and replicas representing different periods of our history, we have attempted to increase the accessibility of cultural heritage to blind and visually impaired persons.

The tactile area consists of two parts. The first part presents eleven exhibits that visitors can hold and feel with their hands, while the second part is a specially reconstructed replica of a German DFS 230 glider, accompanied by panels presenting the crafts’ technical data and information their use in the Raid on Drvar (Operation Rösselsprung), in May 1944.

The realization of the “Touch the History” project was made possible thanks to the support of the Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB), the Balkan Museum Network, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.