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Museum Stories

“The Historical Museum is an example of creativity and broadmindedness in not-so-happy conditions. This is a museum that has managed to keep a professional approach, but also be open to new projects, events, and workshops. The museum has become a body that breathes and grows. I always look forward to new exhibitions and workshops because I’m sure I’ll get a chance to learn something new, as an artist and as a citizen, and share and expand my horizons with the interesting experiences of the participants and speakers. It is a place where you feel like part of a whole, and not just as a mere observer. In the Museum is my favorite shop with the best and most original souvenirs that represent my country and my hometown. ”


 – Alma Telibečirević, artist


“The stained glass made by Vojo Dimitrijević reminds me of the museum. I’ve always liked the colors of the stained glass. It used to be beautiful and elegant. We were proud of the stained glass and happy to show it tovisitors, but the war damaged its appearance. People still like it, visitors photograph the stained glass all the time, but I can still remember how it used to look… I’d like to see it renewed, so that these young people could also see how it looked before. ”


 – Advija Čaušević, employee of the History Museum for over 30 years


“Once there was a helicopter in front of the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an exhibit from the last war. The helicopter burned in the Siege of Sarajevo; the rotor is the only part left. The rotor stood for a while as a monument to inertia. I remember drawing it just as a rotor covered with snow. I had to record this artifact tempered in fire and ice. Sometimes I think that Sarajevo is not standing, but went backwards. I gave my painting of the museum rotor to the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”


 – Edvin Granulo, artist