Preschool program

The “Story of the Museumdom” program was developed with the aim of bringing museum objects, their stories and meanings closer to the youngest museum public. This short story is interwoven with the great conviction that the task of the museum is to show and tell – the story of how we used to be, and our differences and similarities. Torn from obscurity, somewhere between the past and the future, the exhibits literally find their voices. Woody is a hand-made stove, Duchess of Dynamos is an improvised lamp, Aunt Baton is the most flexible lady of the museum kingdom… The characters of the narrative are Sir Curator and Lady Quistodiana who guard the museum kingdom. “Story of the Museumdom” is an allegory of the museum profession – the narrative helps children absorb museum stories, feel museum spaces, and connect with heritage. Personifying the inhabitants of the museum kingdom in accordance with the architectural specifics of the History Museum of BiH, the museum world is presented to future generations of the museum’s public – some potential new curators.

The program involves a reading of the story, conversations with the program participants, interaction, and the exchange of ideas. Program participants have the opportunity to express themselves creatively: using colous and shapes to design new museum exhibits. The third part of the program invites participants to identify the objects in the exhibition spaces, through a game of “treasure hunt”. The workshop is interactive, dynamic, and adapted to the needs of the group. The basic principles of the program are: communication, creative expression, and recognition. The workshops are held in groups of 15 to 25 participants. The duration of the workshop is 45 to 60 minutes.