The Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina carries out tasks from the spectrum of museum activities. Also, the museum offers various commercial services which, due to the unresolved system of financing, help in the operation of the museum.

The museum provides the following services:


  • Guided tours in foreign and native languages
  • Organization and implementation of thematic lectures


  • Workshops for students/school groups
  • Workshops for teachers and museum staff: professional training
  • Teambuilding workshops for ompanies/organizations/institutions


  • Use of museum materials


  • Rental of space for exhibitions
  • Rental of space for conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Rental of space for events (concert, wedding, reception, party)
  • Organization of birthdays for both big and small museum lovers
  • Film, television, and photographic shootings in the museum


  • Research
  • Development of the conceptual-historical concept for temporary and permanent exhibitions
  • Development of the thematic-expositional plan of the exhibition
  • Production of exhibitions
  • Digitization of materials
  • Museological processing of exhibits
  • Consultancy services in forming a collection or organizing museum activities