Museum of the Revolution

The heritage of the Museum of the Revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a valuable resource for the development of museum programs. Through a revaluation of the collections and the presentation of permanent/thematic exhibitions, the museum is attempting to revive stories from the Museum of the Revolution with innovative curatorial practices: to open up space for new readings!

Restoration in progress

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One of the first projects in which the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina applied the approach of openness towards society is the project Restoration in Progress. Portraits of national heroes of the Second World War, the authors of which are some of the most renowned visual artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are stored in the Art Collection. The portraits, created from 1948 to 1953, were damaged during the siege of Sarajevo (1992-1995). Since 2013, the museum has included the community in the preservation and restoration of heritage: thanks to the participation of individuals/institutions/organizations, 55 of the 104 portraits that make up the collection have been restored. The head of the Art Collection, Svjetlana Hadžirović, coordinated the project. 

The restoration is ongoing – support the museum by restoring the portraits!

A living museum

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Through the Living Museum project, in 2018 the central exhibition space of the museum was transformed into an open studio/depot! The artwork of the most important visual artists of Yugoslavia from the Art Collection were put on display – and some of these pieces had not been available to the public for decades. The museum issued a public invitation to artists/curators/researchers to use the museum space as an open art studio, and the artwork in the collection as an inspiration and material for their artistic/curational research. The project was realized in cooperation with the University of the Arts London and King’s College from London.