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How is the museum financed?

The Historical Museum of BiH survives today solely due to the enthusiasm of museum employees, the support of the public, and networking with various partners (institutions, organizations, individuals).

Since the signing of the Dayton Agreement to the present day, the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not defined its founding rights in relation to seven cultural institutions, including the Historical Museum of BiH. The unresolved issue of legal status affects the entire operation of the museum and all museum functions. The work of the Historical Museum of BiH is financed exclusively by grants. The base of financing consists of funds that the museum secures through applications to public competitions of the Federation of BiH and the Canton of Sarajevo (through the respective Ministries of Culture and Sports), and the Council of Ministers of BiH (through the Ministry of Civil Affairs). In addition to the mentioned grants, the museum sends applications for domestic and international projects on a daily basis and appeals to potential donors and partners. A significant portion of funds comes from fees for intellectual services, from ticket sales, and from renting museum space. Also, the museum’s souvenir shop contributes significantly to the museum’s operation. To operate the museum, it is necessary to secure 35,000 KM on a monthly level (utilities and employee salaries).

Why is the facade and staircase of the museum collapsing?

A detailed explanation of the financing system of the Historical Museum of BiH can be found above. The renovation of the facade and staircase of the museum requires financial support, as well as supervision by the relevant heritage institutions. However, the museum team is working on seeking funds to renovate the building. In 2022, a project to document the current state was finalized and a proposal for the building’s restoration was made, which will, depending on the inflow of funds, guide the future renovation of the museum space available to everyone. The estimated value of the museum building renovation project implemented by UNDP is eight million KM.

Why does the museum not have heating?

The museum does not have heating due to a lack of funds to renovate the museum building and arrange the space according to museum professional standards. The heating system that existed prior to the war period of 1992-1995 is no longer functional. Since 2021, heating has been established in the administrative part of the building.

Does the museum have a wheelchair ramp or elevator for people with disabilities?

Unfortunately, the museum does not have a ramp, and the museum elevator is not operational. If you announce your visit to the museum (contact information is at the bottom of the page), the courteous museum staff will find a way to enable your visit. The museum toilet is adapted for visitors in wheelchairs. Thank you for your understanding!

How to support the Historical Museum of BiH?

The team of the Historical Museum of BiH has developed a range of options through which you can support the work of the museum:

  • You can engage the museum for various intellectual and consultancy services within the field of museology (developing thematic and permanent exhibitions; organizing events and programs).
  • Buying a ticket is an act of solidarity and support for the museum.
  • Income from renting museum space is an important contribution to the functioning of the museum.
  • In the museum shop, there are souvenirs inspired by history – delight friends with museum stories.
  • Donate an item to the museum.
  • Recommend/promote the museum on social networks and in public spaces.
  • The museum accepts monetary donations through a donation box (in the museum) or via a bank account.

Can filming be organized in the museum?

The museum space can be used for filming purposes. If you are interested in having the Historical Museum of BiH as a scene for your film or editorial, you can reach out to the email address:

How can I collaborate with the Historical Museum of BiH?

Thank you for your interest! Please send your collaboration proposal to the email address: The decision on collaboration is made by the museum’s professional collegium.

Are pets allowed in the museum?

Yes. It is allowed to bring pets into the museum.