The museum year follows a calendar that is structured around museum events:

In January, the museum is predominantly involved in delivering educational programs for schoolchildren. School holidays at the museum offer an opportunity for primary and secondary school students to take part in an outstanding and engaging educational program. Workshops and guided tours through the museum are an opportunity for schoolchildren to explore the museum, socialize, and learn.

In February and March, the museum hosts local and international artists as part of the Sarajevo Winter festival.

April is dedicated to the commemoration of important historical events in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In May, the History Museum traditionally celebrates the International Museum Day and the European Night of Museums. The museum celebrates the biggest holiday of the global museum community with an all-day program. The program is adapted to various audiences. On the occasion of International Museum Day, the museum doors are open until midnight.

Summer in the Museum is an event organised by the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which promotes heritage through various activities and turns the museum into an unmissable summer destination. Exhibitions, workshops, book promotions, film screenings, and concerts are just some of the activities on offer. Summer in the museum is an opportunity for artists and curators to present their work in museum spaces.

Since 2015, the Museum Month has been held in the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event is celebrated in November, the month in which the museum was founded and opened. Every year, programmed activities are dedicated to cultural and historical heritage, improving museum practice, and strengthening awareness of the importance of museums in Bosnian and Herzegovinian society – and they unfold under a carefully selected theme.