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Watch out, Sniper!

The exhibition was created as a result of research conducted by Paul Low, a photographer who during the siege of Sarajevo made a significant contribution to documenting the war, and the History Museum of BiH, which has been studying the siege museologically for a decade. During 2022, the exhibition was on permanent display at the museum to commemorate 30 years since the beginning of the siege of Sarajevo. “Sniper Alley” is one of the infamous terms of the siege of Sarajevo during 1992-1995. The epicentre of the alley was in the immediate vicinity of the History Museum BiH. This exhibition historiographically and geographically deconstructs “Sniper Alley” through the wide ranging museological discourse: with a 3D model (Projekt V Arhitektura), reports from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and eyewitness statements. Photographers Ron Haviv, Rikard Larma, Paul Lowe, Enric Marti, and Gervasio Sanchez that captured the scenes of the “Sniper Alley” through the lens are presented in the exhibition. The exhibition also includes a multimedia installation by Paul Lowe, and works of art from local and international artists (Adela Jušić, Vladimir Miladinović, and Paul Coldwell).

In 2022, the exhibition was hosted in Belgrade, premiering the composition SNIPER by Vladimir Miladinović, which is based on a ballistics report on sniper operations during the siege of Sarajevo and civilian victims of sniper attacks. On November 18, 1994, in “Sniper Alley” seven-year-old boy Nermin Divović was killed. Nermin’s story is an immensely important part of the museum’s collection, but also of the exhibition Watch out, Sniper! The research and production of the exhibition was supported by a grant from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN). The presentation of the exhibition in Belgrade was made possible by the forumZFD in cooperation with the Inicijativom mladih za ljudska prava (Youth Initiative for Human Rights) and Endžio Hab. The exhibition was supported by the University of the Arts London.

Exhibition curators

Paul Lowe i Elma Hodžić