Stalne postavke

Open depot

A depot is a space for storing and conserving museum materials. The “Underground World of the Museum” where we collect, conserve, and study the cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina is available exclusively to collection managers, conservators, and restorers. In 2015, the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina opened the doors of the Collection of Three-Dimensional Objects to visitors, with the aim of presenting the challenges and importance of museum practices.

Over the years, the museum storage rooms have been filled and transformed as the museum itself has become transformed. The collections of the Museum of the Revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, collected and studied for more than 45 years, today require new questioning and analysis, both in the context of museum practices and in the context of historiography. The Open Depot is an open and unfinished story about the activities, organization, and social role of the Museum of the Revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told through objects from the Second World War and objects from the period of socialism. Discover exhibits from the Second World War, a stamp collection, medals, items that belonged to national heroes, items from concentration camps… Stories about young people have a special place in the museum depot – the corner with the relay batons is the perfect place to take a photo in the museum!

Head of the Open Depot

Senior curator Amar Karapuš