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About the Collection

The Documentation Centre was established as a fundamental part of the museum with the aim of developing and improving the activities of the museum concerning the recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the current developments in museology. The items in the documentation centre are classified in units. The Documentation Centre holds: legal policies about museum activities, documents, regulations, rules, work programs, annual reports, permanent and temporary projects, ideological and historical concepts, thematic exhibition plans, architectural designs, reviews, ancillary facilities and catalogues, invitations, leaflets, posters, and brochures from our exhibitions and international museums and galleries.


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What is the Museum most proud of?

The Documentation Centre contains information about several memorial museum projects , the founding of which the Museum of the Revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in: the Museum of the First ZAVNOBIH (State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) Session in Mrkonjic Grad, The Museum of the Second AVNOJ (Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Yugoslavia) Session in Jajce, the Museum of the Battle of Neretva in Jablanica, the 25 May 1944 Museum in Drvar… Special holdings encompass curatorial professional articles, theses and doctoral dissertations, the professional publication of the Museum, Zbornik radova, as well as documentation on the organization of professional and scientific meetings. The Documentation Centre holds the journals: Icom NewsCurator, and Informatica Museologica. Prof. Dr. Antun Bauer made a particularly valuable donation of a large number of his works on museums.


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