Besieged Sarajevo Collection

About the Collection

The collection related to the 1992-1995 war consists of material collected for the purposes of the permanent exhibition “Besieged Sarajevo”, which opened in April 2003. Museum curators began the process of collecting material from all relevant institutions (hospitals, humanitarian organizations, theatres, festivals, and others). The Museum invited citizens to donate objects they made for everyday use; the collected material has exceeded the capacity of the exhibition, and grown into a special collection. This is a collection that witnesses human ingenuity, creativity, improvisation, and efficacy, and consists of exhibits, such as war lamps, stoves made of cans, clothing, posters, and photographs.



What is the Museum most proud of?

We are proud and grateful that the citizens of Sarajevo entrusted the museum with the conservation of items related to their wartime memories. The collection is growing day by day – in different formats, digital and physical, it is available to local and international audiences.


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