The collection of three-dimensional objects

About the collection

A collection of three-dimensional objects was assembled immediately after the end of World War II and the founding of the Museum. The items in the collection have been collected through donations, purchase, and exchange. The original objective was to collect objects from the period of World War II, including weapons and military equipment, stamps from various levels of political and military authorities, medals, badges, and flags. A significant part of the collection consist of personal items that belonged to prominent historical figures.


1947. year

What is the Museum most proud of?

This collection is of importance to scientific researchers, experts in military doctrine and weaponry, historians, biographers, and media representatives. Objects from the collection are often used by artists and filmmakers in filming documentaries.

We are proud to highlight that this collection includes an armoured train, an extraordinary rarity (there are only three such trains in the world). The public are most interested in the weapons and military equipment. The collection includes a large number of local batons from relay races that were run every year to celebrate the Day of Youth.


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