Stalne postavke

Flight of women

The exhibition was created to mark the 77th anniversary of the founding of AFŽ (Anti-Fascist Women’s Front of Yugoslavia). As an archive-conservation and curatorial endeavour, for the first time, in one place and in the form of a permanent exhibition, fragments of women’s hidden heritage are exhibited. The exhibition consists of 10 wall display cases, in the subterranean corridor. Each showcase is a portal into one dimension of this legacy. The exhibition consists of numerous artifacts from the museum’s holdings, archival documents, photographs, books, periodicals, posters, and three-dimensional objects – thereby joining together all of the museum’s collections.

The exhibition is organized by the Association for Culture and Art CRVENA as part of The Living Museum project. The University of the Arts London and King’s College London were partners in this project. The realization of the exhibition was also supported by the Mediterranean Women’s Fund (MedWF).

AFŽ archive research and exhibition concept

Andreja Dugandžić

Exhibition design

Lala Raščić