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Note on Marian Wenzel

The story of art historian Marian Wenzel, one of the most important researchers of Bosnian medieval art (especially of stećci – often classified as tombstones), is a reminder of the importance of studying and preserving heritage, so the exhibition Note on Marian Wenzel is symbolically placed in the space of continuous search for stories from the past: in the reading room of the museum. Drawings, photographs and diaries from the field are a valuable record not only of the stećci, but also of the people and surrounding regions in the 1960s. This exhibition, interwoven with fragments from the museum archive, is a historical record of a time and a small window onto the rich, enchanting world of Marian Wenzel – a world in which the cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina occupied an important place. The exhibition is also a way of expressing gratitude to Marian Wenzel, a woman who took a multidisciplinary approach in her research as an art historian, approached art as a painter and writer, and in her humanitarian work was a true fighter for human rights and a more humane world.

The exhibition was created as part of the Sarajevo History Book – Guidelines for Women Heritage project. It was realized in cooperation with the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project was supported by the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Exhibition authors

Elma Hašimbegović and Elma Hodžić