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Michelangelo Pistoletto in HMBIH

The History Museum of BiH hosted one of the most celebrated contemporary artists, Michelangelo Pistoletto. Although he originally created the work Place of Interreligious and Secular Meditation for Jerusalem, he decided to donate this work to Sarajevo. Pistoletto is known as one of the founders of the art movement Arte Povera (poor art), which was influential in the late sixties in Italy. He often uses glass/mirrors as a surface or fundation for artistic work. Pistoletto also theorises on the subject of art. He is one of the first artists who donated his work to the Ars Aevi collection – the collection was created in Sarajevo under siege as a reflection on resistance and the desire to defeat destruction and war through art. The work Place of Interreligious and Secular Meditation unites religions in a circle of coexistence. This work, which contemplates the harmony of a common spiritual aspiration, helps the museum audience to become acquainted with and better understand the layers of Bosnian society today.

The exhibition was realized in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy and the Museum of Contemporary Art Ars Aevi.